Telesis Advantage


IZONIT™ Vision Solutions

With the iZONIT™ Vision System, accurately and easily establish and view mark positioning before firing the laser for ultimate precision. Even when the object to be marked is not visible, you can set the mark location with dial-indexing table enclosures, class 1 safety enclosures, and remote marking operations. Save time and increase productivity during pattern design with a camera-assisted mark positioning system. You can also increase throughput, especially with marking applications that involve multiple parts or a variety of parts.


Robotics/AI Integrations

Automated marking solutions are the future of the industry. Automation makes production consistent and efficient. The reliability of industrial automation perfectly matches Telesis’ rugged and durable products. Telesis robotic integration is great for managing full control of the Z-axis focusing as well as rotational control and location for the laser-marking process. Robotics can perform functions where humans would be in danger, creating a much safer option for challenging tasks.


Telesis Applications Lab

At the core of every customer interaction is the Telesis Applications Lab: a team of marking experts dedicated to helping you purchase your equipment with confidence. They’ll find the most efficient and cost-effective piece of equipment you need to make a beautiful and successful permanent mark. Not sure what laser you need? Our team will figure it out and provide extensive recommendations free of charge.


MERLIN® Proprietary Software

Telesis-designed Merlin® is a powerful tool that can drive and operate all Telesis PINSTAMP® Dot Peen and Laser Marking Systems. Its safe, easy operator interface is ideal to make every mark easier. Use Merlin® to create text strings, geometric shapes, graphics, and other mistake-free patterns all from one software platform.


Custom Engineered Solutions

Do you need a standard or custom-designed system? Our engineering group can integrate any of the above standard marking products in your specific application. They will provide a responsive, cost-effective, quality design solution to meet your unique needs. Just call our sales department and ask for our sales engineers who will be happy to assist you.


Customer Service And Support

All of our systems – hardware and software, standard and custom – are designed and built in-house at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Careful attention to quality ensures reliability throughout the life of your marking system. Telesis field service engineers are available on-site for installation and start-up of each system. They’re fully trained to assist you and your production team during this critical phase of your project. We’re dedicated to supporting you for the life of your marking system. We’re with you 100% of the way.


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