Robotics/AI/Industry 4.0

Robotics/AI/Industry 4.0

Automated marking solutions are the future of the industry. Automation makes production consistent and efficient. The reliability of industrial automation perfectly matches Telesis’ rugged and durable products.


    • Great for managing full control of z-axis focusing as well as rotational control and location for the laser-marking process


    • Incorporates with vision systems to do inspections of the mark, or to use the system for cutting or welding


    • Robotics can perform functions where humans would be in danger, creating much safer options for challenging tasks


    • High-volume marking applications are difficult for the operator to provide consistency and repeatability and could present ergonomic challenges for human workers


    • Telesis robotic integration is great for medical clean rooms with no human interactions with the parts at all. The part can be picked up and inspected by the robot with no risk of contamination