The PINSTAMP® Difference

Multi-Pin Technology

Unique to Telesis, our PINSTAMP® dot peen markers have multiple pins to complete marks more quickly. From 2 pins to 8 pins, we have a solution that meets your needs. The TMM5400, with 8 pins, is the world’s fastest marker. The TMM5100 is also a versatile option for speed.

Multi-Strike Technology

The proprietary Multi-Strike feature fires the pin multiple times, resulting in a deeper mark. The software upgrade can be added to many markers.

Patented Floating-Pin Technology

All PINSTAMP® pneumatic dot peen markers contain our revolutionary floating pin technology, developed by Telesis and patented in 1985. This technology enables PINSTAMP® marking systems to accommodate surface irregularities up to .25in (6mm) and mark clearly and reliably on all types of materials. The floating pin allows users to make adjustments to marks, does not require spring replacement, and achieves higher speeds.