PINSTAMP® Controllers

TMC470 Fixed-Button Controller

  • Fully contained controller—no PC required
  • Easy to use menu design for pattern design
  • Ethernet port for TCP/IP communications
  • Ethernet IP and PROFINET capable
  • Durable membrane keyboard
  • Stores up to 400 marking patterns locally
  • Panel-mount kits available

TMC520 Touch-Screen Controller

  • Create a design and produce a mark in under a minute
  • See exactly how the design will look before printing
  • Easy to use tools for arc text, graphics, and data matrix
  • Contaminant-resistant design and flexible installation
  • Software can be customized for unique applications
  • Impact-proof touch screen interface
  • Virtually unlimited pattern storage
  • Panel-mount kits available

What makes the TMC520 Controller Great

Arc Text


Easily manipulate text into arc shapes with simple radius input.

Parse Flags


Dozens of parse flags make inserting dates, lot codes, and serial numbers easier and more efficient.

Pinch Zoom


Use your fingers to expand or shrink the viewing area with the pinch zoom feature to display your pattern or design at the percentage you need.

Swipe Menus


Preview your text or design before making the final mark.