Fiber Laser Markers

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Cleaner Marks in Less Time

The Telesis Fiber laser marking system is the most versatile marking technology due to its adaptability, minimal maintenance, and the total elimination of consumables from the marking process. They are most used in metal and plastic processing industries for precise and efficient direct marking of parts and products. From automotive manufacturing through medical and security technology to electronics, Telesis Fiber delivers.

  • Features superior beam technology for fast and efficient marking
  • Contains high quality components that are ruggedly industrial and durable
  • Outperforms higher powered systems
  • Safe in non-climate controlled environments where shock, vibration, and dust are a concern
  • F30V  –  30 Watt
  • F50V  – 50 Watt
  • F100V  – 100 Watt
  • Vari-Z™ 3-Axis
  • iZONIT™ Vision System
  • TeleView™ Quality Control
  • Programmable Mounting Post