Laser Marking Systems

Telesis Fiber, CO2, Green, Vanadate, and Ultraviolet Laser Marking Systems satisfy demanding laser customers in every industry. Mark text, bar codes, 2D matrix codes, and graphics on virtually any material.


The Original PINSTAMP® Dot Peen Markers permanently indent the target surface and feature our proprietary floating pin system. They are available in single and proprietary multiple pin varieties, as well as portable units.

Telescribe® Low Noise Markers

Telescribe® Marking Systems inscribe high quality, continuous fine characters in materials from plastics to hardened steel. Powerful motors operate in virtual silence.

Worldwide Sales and Support

Telesis’ global presence means we’re always nearby. Our dedicated team operates in dozens of offices around the world, while our unrivaled distribution network is poised to deliver robust equipment to your doorstep.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our unequaled engineering capabilities mean we can customize Laser and PINSTAMP® Dot systems to meet your most challenging needs. Whether you need to achieve a demanding cycle time, mark your part in a difficult location, or meet an error-proof requirement, we can create a solution that’s uniquely right for your situation.

Telesis is DIFFERENT

Telesis is the number one choice for permanent marking. From the heat, vibration, and dirt of steel plants, to the quiet intensity of quality control labs; from the high throughput of automotive plants to the precision required by medical device manufacturers, Telesis Technologies is the preferred choice.


Whether you need products or systems that use pin-marking or laser marking to make a basic serial number or a sophisticated graphic, Telesis has the capability and the experienced engineering know-how to achieve the exact results you require.


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On Your Mark

In a world of new regulations, blossoming technologies, and increasing requirements, Telesis is a guiding light. We research the tough topics and deliver the information straight to you.


Our industry guidance resource and monthly newsletter are two ways Telesis helps.

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How Can We Help?

Team Telesis is here to answer questions about products and services and help you create the best permanent marking and traceability solution for your needs. Before investing in our equipment, feel free to explore options like scheduling a demo or sending a sample.


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Global Presence,

Local Solutions.

We may be found around the world, but we’re focused on solving local marking solutions. Our headquarters is located in Circleville, Ohio, and we have representatives across the globe.


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